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About Bumbira Arts & Culture Program

At Bumbira Arts & Culture Program we recognise that art changes lives, builds resilience and strengthen communities. 

What is the Opportunity Hub?

Opportunity Hubs are a state government initiative, funded by Training Services NSW.
Walaaybaa Rangers Program

BounceBack Program

BounceBack is a youth diversionary project that provides a safe environment for youth at risk.

Post School Support Officer

The Post School Support Officer program has a focus on establishing strong relationships with high schools, industry ties, employer and training partnerships.
Post School Program
men with snake

Walaaybaa Rangers Program

The Walaaybaa Rangers offer land management services that incorporate cultural knowledge to ensure Country is managed respectfully and sustainably.

Aboriginal Community Connector

The Priority aims to increase the proportion of Aboriginal students attaining their HSC by 50% by 2023, while maintaining their cultural identity.
community connector
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