TLALC currently owns 6 rental properties and leases a further 8 from the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO). These properties are currently managed by Homes North Community Housing Company Ltd.
We are PARS (Provider Assessment and Registration System) accredited, under the AHO Build and Grow Strategy. This makes us eligible to be registered as Aboriginal Community Housing Providers under the Aboriginal Housing Act (1998).
We signed a funding agreement with the AHO in July 2013, with repair and refurbishment to our properties being carried out presently.

Currently, TLALC auspices grant funds for the Opportunity Hub. Our outstanding 100% LMSS score allows us to confidently offer these services to a select group of organisations. These services generate revenue for us to reinvest in priority actions as identified by our membership through our CLBP.

We seek and submit Land Claims on Crown Land, and have that land transferred to our ownership in freehold title. TLALC has secured 13 parcels of land in addition to our office, and our 15 residential properties. Though there is a backlog with the Ministry at present, we are still active in this service.

TLALC can provide confirmation of Aboriginality to members ONLY. The process is to fill out a New Membership Application form, submit to the LALC for consideration of members, and attend a member meeting to be accepted or denied .Please contact the staff at TLALC for information on how to obtain a New Membership Application Form. 

TLALC has up to date, valuable information on a range of topics from local service providers. Because of our strong community partners, we are also able to be involved in and kept abreast of significant community programs, and have a full to bursting community noticeboard.

TLALC is active in community programs and broader initiatives in our region. We represent our community and their needs at a local, regional and national level through a range of channels, including but not limited to:

  • Northern Region Friendship Treaty signatory
  • Northern Region Regional Partnership Agreement signatory
  • Regional Partnership Committee member
  • Northern Region Forum attendance and involvement
  • Northern Region Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Bodies member
  • Local Decision Making consortium member