Tamworth LALC membership is strong and growing steadily. Currently, our total member number is 807. 

If you would like to join us, please follow the instructions below. You can also view our frequently asked questions on this page. 


How to apply for membership

Complete the membership application form, include any supporting documentation, and send it to TLALC by either:

POST to - Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council, PO Box 57, Tamworth NSW 2340; or;

EMAIL to -, or;

DROP IN to - 123 Marius Street, Tamworth NSW 2340



What do I need to establish to become a member?

To be a member of any Local Aboriginal Land Council, you need to establish that you are:

An adult ‘Aboriginal person’ as defined by the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) as someone who:

  • is of Aboriginal descent
  • identifies as being Aboriginal, and
  • is accepted as an Aboriginal person by the Aboriginal community, and

who either:

  • lives within the LALC area (‘residence’) or
  • has an association with land in the LALC area (‘association’) or
  • is an Aboriginal Owner in relation to land in the LALC area (i.e. listed on the Register of Aboriginal Owners)


What supporting documents do I need to include?

Supporting documentation is not essential, but it can be helpful to include items such as the following:

  • Information or documentation with your family details – including birth certificates and other documents with information on your parents and grandparents
  • Letters of support from community members and organisations (from the community where your family is from) for example a Local Aboriginal Land Council or Aboriginal Medical Service.


Do supporting documents need to be certified?

If you are supplying copies of original documents, they must be certified.


What is the difference between being a voting and non-voting member?

Voting members are required to attend at least, but not limited to, two meetings of the Council every 12 months to be eligible to vote at elections of the TLALC Board.

Under subsection 55(4A) of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW), attendance at two meetings in the preceding 12 months as a voting member, is a minimum requirement to vote at the Annual General Meetings, which includes election of Board members.

The key responsibility of a voting member is participation to enable informed decisions to be made at Members meetings.  A quorum of 10 per cent of the total number of voting members of the Council is required to hold a meeting which enables the Members to pass a resolution and make key decisions.

As a non-voting member you are entitled to the same benefits as a voting member including attendance at Members meetings. The key difference is that non-voting members cannot vote at Members meetings.

Accordingly we would prefer members who are not able to attend meetings and fully participate in Council activities to choose ‘non-voting member’ status.  This will ensure only active and participating members are counted as ‘voting members’ and therefore enable the Council to meet its quorum requirements more easily and make timely decisions at Members meetings.

An Aboriginal person can be a member of more than one Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), but can only be a voting member of one LALC at any one time.  If you are a member of more than one LALC you can nominate the LALC where you want to vote. You can only change your voting nomination once in any 12 month period.


What is the approval process for my application?

Your application will be presented at a Members Meeting. There needs to be a quorum (a set percentage of total membership) at attendance at each meeting in order to assess your application against the criteria for acceptance. The TLALC members will vote to accept or decline your application.

If accepted by the TLALC Members, your application will be referred to the Registrar of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) for approval.  Once approved, you will receive a confirmation letter from the TLALC and the Registrar.

Once approved by the Registrar, you will be entered onto the TLALC membership roll.


How long does the process take?

The application process usually takes three to four months, subject to the timing and quorum of the TLALC Members meetings.


Will I receive a Confirmation of Aboriginality?

After approval by the membership and the Registrar a Confirmation of Aboriginality letter will be issued to you.