Tamworth LALC Community, Land and Business Plan (2016 - 2021)
The Community, Land and Business Plan is the Tamworth LALC's 5 year strategic document, developed in consultation with our members. It sets objectives and goals, and details the activities we will undertake to achieve these.

Although the production of a Communty, Land and Business Plan (CLBP) is mandatory requirement under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (1983), we find our CLBP invaluable to planning and goal setting, keeping communication lines open with our community and understanding the true objectives of our members. As a strategy, the CLBP serves to give staff the freedom and autonomy to proceed without reservation, to bring the agreed upon objectives, goals and strategies to fruition.

The last major review of the Tamworth LALC's CLBP was undertaken in 2016.

The objectives for the LALC over the five years period from 2016 - 2021 are to:

  1. Ensure protection of cultural knowledge and heritage
  2. Increase training opportunities, employment and career pathways and encourage at school through the Opportunity Hub
  3. Improve access to housing
  4. Support partnership development and strategic alliances
  5. Health access and community safety
  6. Increase land holdings
  7. Maintain good corporate governance and reporting
  8. Investigate and implement a Community Benefits Scheme
  9. Implement Farm Management Plan and maximise potential of Trelawney