Opportunity Hubs are a state government initiative, funded by the Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development. They have been developed as a result of the Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs community consultations, and their identification of the need for supported pathways to assist young Aboriginal to gain the confidence and knowledge to transition into tertiary education, training and/or employment.

We will work with our network of partners to:

  • Partner schools with local employers and training providers;
  • Coordinate local opportunities including employment, mentoring, scholarships, internships and volunteer work;
  • Match local opportunities to young Aboriginal people’s career aspirations that lead to jobs;
  • Mentor and support young Aboriginal people each step of the way;
  • Engage young Aboriginal people and their families early on at school; and
  • Track young Aboriginal people’s progress including once they have transitioned to employment.


  • Aboriginal young people in years 5 – 8 will be educated in building career aspirations and strengthening understandings of career pathways.
  • Aboriginal young people in years 9 – 12 will have access to personalised career and transition planning, as well as training, work experience, traineeships, internships and job opportunities through our jobs listings.